Full Rules and Judging Information: https://wafflehacks.org/rules


Rules TLDR:
  • Teams of between 1 and 4 high school or undergraduate students who are not organizers, volunteers, judges, or sponsors
  • You may think of an idea before the event
  • All work must be done during the hackathon
  • Your idea does not need to be unique, though it will benefit you if it is
  • You may repeat an idea you previously worked on, but you may not re-use code or other materials
  • Projects that violate the MLH Code of Conduct are not allowed
  • Teams can be disqualified at the organizers' discretion
  • Your project must be submitted on Devpost with a demo video to be judged
  • To receive prizes and/or swag, you must have an accepted application in the WaffleHacks Application Portal


Happy Hacking from the WaffleHacks team!